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Welcome to our workshop


Over the course of two days you will gain experience in:

- Essential film fight techniques.

- Fighting in rain.

- Using a harness to get hit by a car.


You will arrive on Friday evening, stay in our film studio's on-site accommodation, and wake up to two packed days of theory and practice.


After the workshop you will of course get your best action sequences on film to add to your showreel.


Euro:750€ incl 20% VAT

SEK: 7500kr incl 20% VAT

Small groups of up to 4 participants.

Almost like having a personal trainer.

Transfer from Arlanda airport (Stockholm, Sweden)

to Kungsängen, bed & breakfast is included in the price.



28-29 of April - Full! 

5-6 of May - Available

12-13 of May - Full!

9-10 of June - Full!

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