1. What is your main service?

We provide film and stills production companies with the tools they need to create outdoor shoots in a closed, controlled environment.


2. Why did we build this studio?

We built Igelkott Studios because we love practical effects and car scenes. But having been involved in a few, we know the hassle of shooting in the real world. Everything is against you; the weather, the sun going up and down, the circus of keeping the crew mobile.

So we built this facility to give production companies a better choice when planning how to get the shot done.


3. What was missing on the market but is now available at Igelkott Studios?

Before Igelkott Studios there were no ready-to-use rain sets for rent, and no studios with 360° rear projection capability. Combining both of those tools allows you to place cars inside our studio with full control of environment, weather and time of day, whilst providing your crew with the advantages of being in a studio.

Igelkott Studios showreel_2.jpg