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1. When should we film in the studio, and when should we rent the rig for another studio?

Our studio is optimized so that 20 people including the cast can get all car scenes done without a problem. If there are more than 20 of you, it’s best to rent our car scene rig for a larger studio.


2. What frame rates can we film at?

24, 25 and 30 fps. It is not possible to film in higher frame rates in our studio.

But you can film up to 60 fps with our car scene rig.


3. Which studio do you recommend in Stockholm?

We recommend Independent Studios in Nacka.


4. Which cameras do you recommend for filming against projections?

We recommend the Arri Alexa Mini LF as it’s the only one with sensor genlock for VP.


5. Can we film vehicles larger than cars?

Yes and no. In our Kungsängen studio you can only film cars up to small minibus size. With our car scene rig you can film virtually anything,

from buses and trucks to trains.


6. What is your main service offering?

We help production companies to create car scenes in a projected setting.


7. Why did you build this studio?

We built Igelkott Studios because we love practical effects and car scenes.

Also, we have experience of filming car scenes in the real world and know the kinds of problems it can present, from changing weather conditions and hours of sunlight, to the challenge of keeping the personnel mobile.

Therefore, we wanted to offer more opportunities in this field of filming.

We built this studio to give production companies a wider choice when planning how to film their next car scene.

8. A video tour of our studio.

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