Our Studio



Film car scenes against projection with the possibility of rain.


With the latest technology and engineering, we make car scenes easier and more accessible for movies, commercials and television production.


The studio is ready, we do nothing but car scenes.


Click here to see a demonstration of the studio with Eric Hasso and Andrés Rignell from Bil-Scens-Thursday from 18-09-06.


We accept all cars up to the maximum size of

5.4m long, 2.5m wide and 3m high.

Sample Size:

Included in the rental


Access to the studio from 6 in the morning and 24 hours ahead. Projection System + Computer.

Rain System.

Reference monitors in all rooms.

115m2 floor area.

Production Office (read more here)


We also offer

Studio Technician

Basic lighting (rigged)

Police car and suit

Breakfast / Lunch / Cleaning

Content light package:

4x Arri led L5-C / L7-C
1x Kinoflo diva lite.
4x Chimera small
4x Speedring
4x Egg create
5x Tripod 110-160cm
1x Junior boom
2x Pipeline short 5600
2x Pipeline short 3200