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Our studios

The car stage


Car stage.jpeg

Film car scenes against projections with the option of rain.


Using the latest technology and engineering, we make car scenes simpler and more accessible for films, commercials, and TV productions.


We use Barco HDX 4K 20000-lumen projectors

with a grey scale of 30 bits.

Here we only make car scenes.

The big screen stage



The studio is just over 1,000 square meters with a clear height of about nine meters with a lattice screen of 650 square meters with 40 rope frames.


The studio is specially built for film recording, especially regarding sound insulation and acoustics.

The wall is 24x8 meters and has the same front projection coating as our studio in Kungsängen.

This wall requires a distance of 4 meters between itself and the set.

It is the perfect studio for 360 plates and Unreal Engine backdrops.

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