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Pop-up car stage


Our car rig is of the highest quality and gives your production the freedom to film more car scenes in one day and to shoot tracking scenes that are otherwise very costly on a low loader and green screen. We set the rig up the day before to ensure everything is ready to go on the day.


As well as cars, you can also film trucks, buses, trains, and helicopters, for example. The rig can also be adapted so that it can easily be moved around Europe.


Approx. 10m/32.8' wide,

15m/49.2' deep and 4.5m/14.8' high.


The rig can be made larger for larger vehicles.


Recommended studio area 15x20x7m/49x65x23', minimum area 10x15x5m/32.8x49x16.5'.


Included in rent

• 2 x 20,000 lumen Barco 4K projectors.

• Rear projection screen approx. 6m/19.7' wide.

• Top projection screen approx. 4m/13.1' wide.

• 10m/32.8' wide suspended frame.

• 2 x pillar lifts, range 2–7.5m/6.5–24.6'.

• 4 x LED panels, approx. 7,000 lumens for live lighting.

• 4 x car wheel dollies, max. load 2,400kg/2.65t (heavier available to rent).

• Live Grade with Davinci Resolve.

• VFX engineer (10-hour working day included in price).

• AV engineer (10-hour working day included in price).

• Rig day.

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