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We are In-Camera Visual Effects creators.

Dagsljus Studio, Stockholm
Studio Fares, Trollhättan
Ystad Studios
Shortcut Denmark

Specialized in creating car scenes.

Our studio partners and rig technology enable us to replace the traditional green screen and low loaders with 360-degree rear projection.

Complete ICVFX productions.

360 plates creation and directing

the in-studio operation.

Industry-leading in ICVFX, developing camera & image workflows since 2017.

Netflix and Warner Bros presents

"A Day and a Half," a thrilling road movie directed by Fares Fares, known for his work in Swedish films and series such as "Partisan," "Westworld," and "Chernobyl."


The movie features driving In-Camera Visual Effects produced by Igelkott Studios®.

Watch on Netflix now.

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