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Our focus is on creating realistic car scenes that leave a lasting impression. With the help of our trusted studio partners and advanced camera technology, we have revolutionized the traditional car process by implementing 360-degree rear projection techniques. 

Our expertise lies in delivering end-to-end ICVFX productions, which includes 360 plates creation and directing the in-studio operation. We are proud to have been industry leaders in ICVFX, image development, and image workflows since 2018.

Netflix and Warner Bros presents

"A Day and a Half," a thrilling road movie directed by Fares Fares, known for his work in Swedish films and series such as "Partisan," "Westworld," and "Chernobyl."


The movie features driving In-Camera Visual Effects produced by Igelkott Studios®.

Watch on Netflix now.

Volvo EM90 - The Grand Opening

Shot on Arri Alexa 35 and Arri 416.

In this 6-minute-long commercial, Volvo heavily utilized our In-Camera Visual Effects possibilities in Studio Fares for their exteriors.

Ranging from full-size rooms to car interiors.

They were able to frame with infinity focus in key scenes because of our pixel-free screen.*

*Temporally invisible pixel grid, which is immune to the moiré effect at a 180-degree shutter angle.

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