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Cinematic ICVFX

Eric Hasso's goal is to produce photo-realistic ICVFX. The following depicts our journey towards this accomplishment and our aspirations for the future.

Virtual Production Lab for producers

Virtual Production has really gained ground around the world, driven by the global boom in high-quality films and series. The limits of what can be done technologically and creatively are unstoppable. The 'Virtual Prodcution Lab' workshop takes you into the lab where you learn how to plan and budget Virtual Production scenes.

SGO: Igelkott Studios AB revolutionizes the creation of VFX car plates with Mistika VR

Based in Sweden, Igelkott Studios AB specializes in the creation of VFX car plates for on-set projection, LED, or chroma key compositing. Shot with an 8K 360° HDR car rig, the studio utilizes Mistika VR for seamless stitching to achieve fast and high-quality results.

Igelkott Studios‘ driving plates are a popular solution for replacing the backgrounds in car scenes for productions on top streaming platforms such as Netflix and C More. “The secret to our success is the innovative workflow and technology, which maximizes efficiency and speed, leading to substantial cost savings,” noted Eric Hasso, CEO of Igelkott Studios AB.

“Mistika VR plays a critical role in the process, as I don’t have to spend hours creating the perfect 360º environment and adjusting settings. With my presets in place, all I have to do is import my footage, set a few parameters, choose my output, and let it do the rest.”

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InCG Magazine

The 52nd issue of Ying CG magazine invites "virtual production" experts at home and abroad to share their own technical processes and practical experience. One of them, Eric Hasso, the founder of a Swedish car photography studio, inherited his grandfather's passion for filmmaking and entered the film and television industry. In 2016, he observed the trend of VR photography, and based on the core concept of "Shoot First, Point Later." The film was shot and scenes were recreated in the studio using projectors and LEDs, providing the team with a safe and creative environment to shoot.

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Monitor nr 6 - 2022

Pionjären och entreprenören Eric Hasso förverkligade sin dröm när han skapade Igelkott Studios, som skulle fokusera på framförallt bilscener. Istället för att sälja in sin lösning först, byggde han upp studion innan han presenterade det hela för potentiella kunder.

Eric tog från början kontakt med företag som han kände skulle kunna bli långsiktiga partners, som exempelvis (Ljud och Bildmedia) teknikuthyrarna. Producenter, fotografer och regissörer fick komma senare, när ryktet spridit sig om hans unika lösning.

– Det var en väldigt spännande och häftig resa att ta den vägen och idag kan jag titulera mig Projection FX Producer. I början så löste vi egentligen mest akuta behov. Det kunde vara så att en skådespelaren inte hade inte körkort och att det inte fanns tillstånd att köra på vägarna, men de behövde en liten bilscen. Då fanns vi där och kunde lösa uppgiften.

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Film i Väst satsar på Europas största projektorbaserade Virtual Production-vägg

I september inleds bygget av Europas största projektorbaserade Virtual Production-vägg i Studio Fares i Trollhättan. Det är Film i Väst som investerar i ny teknisk lösning på en specialdesignad projektionsvägg. Det skapar helt nya möjligheter för inspelning i den 36×36 meter stora studion. Satsningen är initialt ett samarbete med Igelkott Studios, ledande totalleverantör inom Virtual Production i Sverige, men även andra samarbetspartners kan bli aktuella. Samtidigt öppnar Igelkott Väst AB verksamhet i Trollhättan. Virtual Production-väggen blir en av världens största och kan börja användas i början av 2023.

IMAGO: Car Scene Setup at Igelkott Studios

Since the automobile is about as old as cinema itself, from the very beginning of motion pictures scenes have been staged in and around moving cars.

In the cinema’s infancy this was invariably done live and aided by the fact that many cars were convertibles anyway. By the time sound came in and unwieldy blimped cameras became the norm clearly something had to be done and various studio based rear projection techniques were invented. Rear process shots from this era rarely seem convincing to a modern audience today, but by the late 1950s rear projection in Hollywood features had reached a very high standard of excellence, and Hitchcock’s ”Vertigo” from 1958 is a good example of this.

Eric is reacting to "My First Mixed Reality Shoot - Recorded Live at ARRI Studio London 7 of July 2021."

The discussion talks about using LED as the screen technology for mixed reality shoot.

Eric Hasso who is an expert in using projectors for photo real mixed reality shoot want to bring that technology into the discussion.

Listen to Join Greig Fraser ASC, ACS, Martin Ruhe ASC; Magdalena Gorka PSC, DNEG’s Paul Franklin and Robert Payton in this must-watch discussion about their early experiences shooting in mixed reality studios and Eric Hasso, – Projection FX Producer’s, response to the panel discussion.

Swedish Society of Cinematographers

Igelkott Studios is the Car Scene Company.

Igelkott Studios creates car scenes for actors to act in, for dramas and commercials.

Their studio and rig replace green screen and low loaders with 360 rear projection.

They are a total supplier, also filming and editing the backgrounds to ensure the best results and customer experience.


This rig work perfectly in Dagsljus Studio 1 which is a good option concerning service with their equipment warehouse in the same building.

BARCO: Revolutionizing car scene productions with Barco projection

In 2019, Eric Hasso from Igelkott Studios, a company specialized in car scene productions, and Vello Hermann, Barco projection specialist at Projection Pro Image, joined forces to create the next-generation of digital car scene solutions. They believed it was time to complement the traditional trailing solutions with new technologies and techniques.

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