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Car stage - Kungsängen


Film car scenes against projections with the option of rain.


Using the latest technology and engineering, we make car scenes simpler and more accessible for films, commercials, and TV productions.


We use Barco HDX 4K 20000-lumen projectors

with a grey scale of 30 bits.

Here we only make car scenes.


We take all cars up to max. 5.4m/17.7' long, 2.5m/8.2' wide and 3m/9.8' high.

Example dimensions:

Download the overview by clicking on the image.

Blue print igelkott Studios_en.jpg

Included in rent

Projection system 

Monitors in all rooms.

115m2/1,238 sq. ft floor area.

Production office 


Studio engineers

Basic lighting (rigged and ready)


Rain system not included but can be added.

Igelkott Studios showreel_4.jpg
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