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Big screen stage - Trollhättan



The studio is just over 1,000 square meters with a clear height of about nine meters with a lattice screen of 650 square meters with 40 rope frames.


The studio is specially built for film recording, especially regarding sound insulation and acoustics.

The wall is 24x8 meters and has the same front projection coating as our studio in Kungsängen.

This wall requires a distance of 4 meters between itself and the set.

It is the perfect studio for 360 plates and Unreal Engine backdrops.


1100 Square meters

33x33x11 meters

Download the overview by clicking on the image.

Studio Fares Blueprint - The Wall.jpg

On the premise


  • Kitchenette equipped with fridge/freezer, microwave, workbench, sink, table, and chairs.

  • Decor workshop equipped with chip extractor, stationary circular saw, and portable circular saw with bench and work table.

  • There are dressing rooms with lockable storage cupboards.

  • Storeroom equipped with shelves and work table. Parts of the studio corridor can also be used for storage.

  • Charging room

  • The studio hall has a sound reduction corresponding to R’w65dB

  • The doors at the back are wide, and you can drive a truck into the studio.

  • The hoist system on the roof consists of 40 ABUS hoists, each of which lifts a maximum of 200 kilos. The system is operated from the studio floor.

  • The electrical installation includes a permanent electrical capacity of 1,000 A and the possibility of temporarily. 

  • connecting an additional 1,000 A.

  • Smoke and ventilation fan.

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